Quick Saver S13 & S14

Electronic Component Factory
Food Factory
Medical Equipment Factory
  • Small, compact design
  • Orange curtain is not only see-through but insect prevention also
  • Opening and closing speed is 10 times faster than usual shutter.
  • Maximum size and opening speed: 
    S13: WxH = 3x3m, Maximum opening speed is 2m/s, maximum closing speed is 0.8m/s.
    S14: WxH = 4x4m, Maximum opening speed is 2.5m/s, maximum closing speed is 0.8m/s.
  • The curtain can be removed easily. Upon impact, the sheet dislocate from the guide rails, thereby absorbing impact force and minimizing damage.The dislocated part, if wound up, automatically reset into the guide rail tract.
  • Capacity: 0.75 KW (S14); 0.4KW (S13)
  • Electricity supply: 1PH.220V.50Hz
  • Suitable for External (S14) and indoor area.
Curtain samples: